Your secret in the kitchen

The Bag in Box is the choice of those who respect nature.

Due Vittorie Bag in Box is the packaging that facilitates the use of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI in all kitchens, both professional and home. It is presented as a container that is easy to carry and practical to use, which avoids filling the shelves with bottles. In a few seconds it is placed where it is most convenient and immediately makes available the variety of vinegar chosen from the two available, each with different densities and aromas.

The system consists of a flexible aseptic multi-film bag, inserted in a cardboard package. By easily lifting the opening on the package, a tap is extracted designed to fit perfectly into the shaped cardboard. Once arranged and unlocked, the tap is ready to tap the vinegar contained in the bag, with the simple action of two fingers.

Sensory characteristics