Tortellini with parmesan fondue with balsamic jelly
Chef: Moreno Cedroni
50 min.
Difficulty: Difficult

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 1

Fresh pasta 1

Parmesan 1

Cream 1

Sugar 1

Apple pectin 1

Basil gelly 1

Balsamic vinegar jam 1

Tomato and basil sauce 1

Raw meat 1

Oil and salt 1


Prepare the tortellini mixture with semolina and egg yolks.

Stuff them with a soft filling made with parmesan and cream fondue.

Prepare the balsamic vinegar jam: heat it in a pan over medium heat adding a little sugar and apple pectin.

Cook until the temperature reaches 100-105 degrees.

At the base of the plate put the jam; on top add a tomato and basil sauce that hides it.

Always add the raw meat to the center, seasoned with a little salt and a drop of oil.

Cook the tortellini and sauté them quickly in a pan in the same parmesan sauce with which they were stuffed.

Arrange them on the plate and decorate with a little basil.

Finally, add a few more touches of color with the tomato sauce.

Cook this with Due Vittorie Gold Balsamic Vinegar