Gold: balsamic vinegar par excellence


Dense, full-bodied, obtained according to procedures handed down over the centuries and left to rest in oak vats. Used by the best chefs all over the world, it’s the No. 1 in Italy best selling product in the 250-ml segment among the brand producers, according to Nielsen data since September 2010. Due Vittorie Oro spends a good part of its life in oak vats, which favor the transfer of tannins and the assumption of wood essences. Before bottling, Balsamic Vinegar is rigorously tested in the laboratory, which ensures compliance with current regulations and high quality. The sugary structure of the Due Vittorie Oro is harmoniously associated with the degree of acidity, while the density and the perfume contribute to the completion of the sensorial approach, which is extremely satisfying. The aftertaste of black cherry culminates the tasting, reminding us of the thousand happy combinations of the dressing, to be served on any occasion.


500 ml

Energy value

100 ml 331 kcal/1407 kj - 15 ml 50 kcal/211 kj



Saturated fats



100 ml 77g - 15 ml 12g


100 ml 77g - 15 ml 12g


100 ml 1,3g - 15 ml 0,2g



Ingredients: cooked grape must and wine vinegar It does not contain dyes, preservatives and allergens. It does not contain gluten. Expiry in five years: see year indicated on the cap.

Sensory characteristics


Dense, clear and bright appearance, intense brown color


Persistent, intense and delicate odor, pleasant acetic with light woody notes


Sweet and sour taste, balanced, persistent and pleasant