Chicken chicken chicken, where are you?
Chef: Massimo Bottura
45 min.
Difficulty: Difficult

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI Due Vittorie Oro 1

Roast chicken 1

Ginger 1

Daikon radish 1

Oyster herb 1

Lemon 1

Spring onion 1

Carrots 1

Celery 1

Edible flowers in different colors 1

Rosemary essential oil 1

Drops of aniseed scents 1


Cut the ginger, Daikon radish, carrots, celery and edible flowers into very thin strips.

Prepare a cream of roast chicken extract reduced to 90%.

Prepare small balls by combining the strips: mix the daikon with the violet, daikon with the lilac, the carrot and onion with the red flower, the lemon, the oyster grass, the ginger and the celery.

Finish the carrot with drops of rosemary essential oil and celery with drops of aniseed perfume.

Heat the roasted chicken broth and place it on the bottom of the plate.

Add the trio of colors and finally add a few drops of Balsamic Vinegar on the ginger, carrot and spring onion.

Cook this with Due Vittorie Gold Balsamic Vinegar