Lemon tart with balsamic vinegar Due Vittorie
Chef: Massimo Bottura
45 min.
Difficulty: Difficult

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI Due Vittorie Oro 1

Eggnog whipped with lemon juice 1

Campanino apple mustard 1

Sorrento lemons 1

Cedar 1

Orange 1

Pantelleria capers 1

Modena cherries 1

Brown sugar 1

Small tarts 1


Finish the eggnog with a few drops of Balsamic Vinegar.

Arrange the capers cooked in a pan with the brown sugar on the plate.

Add orange peel cooked under vacuum at low temperature, small slices of lemon with sugar and water, cedar peel and finally the mustard of campanino apples.

Decorate with a little lemon and ash powder, a few dashes of black cherry juice and a dash of nice warm eggnog with a touch of vinegar.

Remove the delicate tart dough from the oven and fill it with ricotta.

Turn it upside down and break it, as if it had fallen.

Cook this with Due Vittorie Gold Balsamic Vinegar